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Lenormand Combinations

1. Direction of the illustrations

Some cards in the Petit Lenormand deck face a certain direction while others do not. For the ones that are directional, look at them closely to get deeper meanings into your spread.

For example: the Scythe. This card will always have the blade pointing to the right. In essence, it cuts the card on its right while it’s not as dangerous for the card on its left side.

Looking at the Cloud card, the darkness lingers on the right side so it brings uncertainty to the card touching that side.

Petit Lenormand Scythe card
Petit Lenormand Clouds card

2. Reversals

There are no reversals in Lenormand. The cards are read only in the upright position.

3. Combinations

Reading Pairs

The best way to learn the cards is by reading pairs and then triplets and after, move on to larger spreads.  Try making up your own combinations and form those cards into sentences.

Pull random cards and write their meanings. For instance, LILY + CLOUDS is uncertainty with an elder. Simply put, a confused older person. SHIP + FOX would translate to a work trip. Another interpretation is problem with a trip.

Remember the cards always have a SUBJECT and a MODIFIER. Let’s say you pulled SHIP + FOX . This is about the SHIP, the subject. The FOX, modifier, is describing the SHIP. In other words, the cards are speaking about the qualities of the trip or journey.

Let’s take TREE + STARS. This is talking about the tree and the stars are modifying the tree. This could translate to someone's Health clears up.

Another example, STARS + TREE. Here, this is talking about the stars. Meaning, clarity is growing or Spiritual Growth or Spiritual Clarity.

Reading Triplets

Once you’re comfortable with pairs now you’re ready to move on to triplets. The more you practice, the more stories you will develop.

Examples: CLOVER + SCYTHE + TREE. A surgery that will turn out okay or a minor surgery.

DOG + LETTER + FISH. Getting a message about a friend sending money. Simply, a friend sends money.

CROSSROADS + SUN + FOX. Having good options at work or bright options ahead at work.

KEY + HEART + CROSS. Having faith in oneself is the key.

SHIP + HOUSE + GARDEN. Party for returning home, which means, a welcome home party.

HELPFUL TIP: think of the cards when you interact in your daily life, which cards would represent what? You can also try this method when you’re watching television.

For example, suppose you’re watching a show and one of the characters was about to crash into a tree but swerves in time to avoid the crash. Which cards would represent that scene? How about MAN + SHIP + CROSS + TREE + CLOVER.

Another example. Which cards would represent the following scene? A TV show depicts a family secret that becomes public knowledge at a family party in the backyard. Let’s say HOUSE + BOOK + STORK + GARDEN.

I hope you find the above tips helpful.

Would you interpret the above cards differently? Do you have any tips to share? Post your responses in the thread!

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