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My name is Ana Kaona

I'm the founder, and creator of Crystal Cleanse Miami (CCM). During the 2020 pandemic, I went through my awakening and deep dived into learning as much as I could about the spiritual realm. I read various books, took several courses, and attended many attended many seminars.


I know first-hand how powerful, yet isolating this process can be. This was the idea that birthed CCM. I wanted to create a safe space, free of judgment for you to learn about and seek healing. I started my healing journey many years now and it is still ongoing. We are here to assist you wherever you may be during your own spiritual path. 

I'm inspired by and follow the works of Ivan Teller, Dolores Cannon, Marina Jacobi, Sunshine Frost, Jamie Butler, Sam the Illusionist and so many others. I also studied with Kristin Davies. 

The spiritual journey is not one size fits all. It is a unique experience for each and every one of us. My journey led to traveling to over 50 countries around the world and learned how different cultures view religion and spirituality. In addition to my own experiences and learning through travel, I'm a classically trained and certified Crystal Therapist, Herbalist, Shaman and Manbo Asogwe. 

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About Us

Awakening is a term often used to describe a profound shift in consciousness, self-awareness, and spiritual understanding. It's a personal and transformative journey that can manifest in various ways for different individuals.

At Crystal Cleanse Miami, our aim is to assist you in finding and rediscovering your true self. We combine various techniques of metaphysical therapies along with mystical healing properties of Vodouism. In addition, we offer chakra alignment, good luck baths, protective crystals, love potions, cleansing of your business, home, and herbal remedies.


Ana Kaona underwent the rigorous technical trainings that earned her the highest degree in Vodouism, Manbo Asogwe.  An Asogwe is the only one with the authority to ordain other priests and priestesses.  Manbo Ana was ordained in the house of Temple Brave Guédé Nibo under the leadership of Maîtresse Augustine Adonis and Houngan Asogwe, Nelio Adonis. This Temple is in the southern coastal town of Jacmel, Haiti.

It's important to note that the awakening process is highly personal, and everyone’s experience is unique. If you feel you are undergoing a spiritual awakening, it may be beneficial to seek support from trusted friends, mentors, or spiritual communities. Additionally, practices such as meditation, journaling, and energy therapy can aid in self-discovery and navigating this transformative journey. 

At CCM we are here to assist you with your path, to guide you and heal those timelines so you live to your highest and best potential.

Do not hesitate to contact us with questions, comments, or suggestions. Love and light!

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