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Petit Lenormand Card Meanings

Updated: Feb 12

General meanings of the 36 cards in the Petit Lenormand.

*The corresponding season is written in BOLD.



1.     Rider

News, Message, Visitor, Incoming

2.     Clover

Luck, Happiness, Opportunity

3.     Ship

Transport, Departure, Voyage, Travel, Journey, Adventure, Ship

4.     House

Home, Family, Property, Real Estate, Tradition, Custom

5.     Tree

Health, Tree, past connection, spirituality

6.     Clouds

Confusion, Unclear, Misunderstanding, Doubt, Fuzzy

7.     Snake

A woman (the other woman), Seduction, Deception, Forbidden

8.     Coffin

Ending, Dying, Loss, Sadness, Illness, Rest

9.     Bouquet

Beauty, Gift, Appreciation, Flowers – SPRING

10.  Scythe

Accident, Cut/Cut-off, Speed, Surgical, Sharp, Knife – AUTUMN -

11.  Whip

Arguments, Conflict, Sex, Anger, Fitness (whip body into shape)

12.  Birds

Talk, Gossip, Chattering, Butterflies in the Stomach

13.  Child

New, Child, Play, Inexperience, Innocence, Immaturity, Young/Younger, Small

14.  Fox

Trickery, Cunning, Sly, Fraud, Scheme, Employee, Job, Quick Thinking

15.  Bear

Power, Boss, Strong, Mama-Bear, Diet, Paternal

16.  Stars

Hope, Inspiration, Spirituality, Dreams, Goals, a Star, Direction (North Star)

17.  Stork

Change, Transition, Movement, New Cycle, Birth, Change, Fertile

18.  Dog

Loyal, Friend, Support, Companion, Trustworthy, Faithful, a Dog(pet)

19.  Tower

Authority, Loneliness, Isolation, Tall, Building, Government, Official, Corporation

20.  Garden

Gathering, Public Place, Society, Teamwork, Networking, , a Garden, Meeting

21.  Mountain

Obstacle, Delay, Difficult, Enduring, Wilderness/Mountain

22.  Crossroads

Choice, Decision is Needed, Road

23.  Mice

Loss, Theft, Anxiety, Depletion, Destruction, Disease, “something eating away”

24.  Heart

Love, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Happiness, Intimate, Heart

25.  Ring

Commitment, Promise, Partnership, Cycles, Marriage, a Ring

26.  Book

Secret, Knowledge, Education, Research, Studies, a Book

27.  Letter

Document, Email, Information, Communication

28.  Man

Male, the Querent (or the Partner), Masculinity

29.  Woman

Female, the Querent (or the Partner), Femininity

30.  Lily

Elder, Maturity, Sexuality, Wisdom, Peace, Serenity, Morality – WINTER

31.  Sun

Success, Happiness, Victory, Warm, Abundance, the Sun – SUMMER

32.  Moon

Subconscious, Intuition, Emotion, Fame, Regular Cycle, Recognition, Dreams

33.  Key

Solution, Revelation, Unlock, Resolution

34.  Fish

Finance, Business, Wealth, Self-Employ, Money, Assets

35.  Anchor

Stability, Security, Long-term, Durability, 9-to-5

36.  Cross

Burden, Suffering, Indoctrination, Faith, Religion, Guilt

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