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Mar 16, 2024 - Mar 16, 2024

Lenormand Cards Crash Course

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Welcome to our Lenormand Lenormand Cards Crash Course, this is a two-hours course designed for novice or experienced practitioners looking to deepen their understanding of the cards. This course will provide you with a solid foundation for working with Lenormand cards. 1. Explore the meanings behind each of the 36 cards, from the Rider to the Anchor, and learn how to interpret them in readings. You will gain insight into the unique imagery and associations that make Lenormand cards a distinct and powerful divinatory system. 2. Learn how to conduct Lenormand readings. We cover basic reading techniques and spreads, such as the Two and Three-Card Spreads. We will also go over how to formulate clear and concise interpretations in a reading.

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Lenormand Card Readers

Lenormand Card Readers

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