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"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken."

Oscar Wilde

Out with the old

The only way to truly get over the breakup, that narcissist’s abuse, inner child wound, and family scar is by doing the healing!

There's no moving forward without first healing. Your transformation is waiting on you. Discover the profound benefits of energy healing and start your journey towards a holistic well-being.


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APRIL 2024 

Did you always wanted to be a card reader?

Come to the

April 2024 class!


April 2024 class

Lenormand Cards Crash Course

Lenormand Cards Crash Course

  • 2-hour instructor-led, live course.

  • Review of the meaning and interpretation of the 36 cards.

  • Techniques to apply cards meaning to every day life.

  • Definition worksheets provided. No books to buy.

  • Take home lessons to retain card meanings.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a holistic approach to well-being that involves the manipulation and balancing of the body's energetic systems to promote healing and overall health. The underlying principle is that disruptions or imbalances in the flow of energy within the body can contribute to physical, emotional, or spiritual ailments. Energy healing techniques aim to restore balance, release blockages, and enhance the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Practices such as Crystal Therapy, Universal Sphere, Cord Cutting involve working with the body's energy to promote balance and healing.

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